The Geography of Here and There

The Geography of Here and There is a solo exhibition that started from a book titled “The Hottest Gallery in The World”,10 years anniversary book of the Northern Territory for Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Darwin – Australia. In general the book contains stories and images of the institution from 1990 – 2000. At the same time, the book not only describe the institution but also the context of the city of Darwin and its specific context of history, society, and climate. 

Later, the book become starting point for two works: 1. “Gaze Study: North- West South-East” which investigate the geopolitical of the city of Darwin that was historically build as military based city to protect from Asia which shifted into a gateway to Asia. Furthermore, this work is projecting where and how the city presented an how an identity was created and recovered; and 2. “The Fan Club”, works that started from one chapter of the book that implicitly show the relation between the struggle being art institution with the society, and micro-climate of Darwin in relation to the other city in Australia. 

This project was presented in Northern Territory Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA), Darwin – Australia (2016) curated by Maurice O’Riordan.