Memories of Unidentified Experience

The exhibition takes its starting point from tracing my childhood memories through the memory of the body. How the body experienced but the memories fail to remember, and only consist of fractions of semi-conscious images. This exhibition consists of three works; 1. Naked, four self-portraits featuring different parts of my body and their X-ray images. This body of works started from old x-rays, then involving unspoken family collective memories in relation to my childhood experience with health issue; 2. Prescribed, photographs of pills and medicine that was prescribed for me which scattered around in several places at my childhood house. Later, I treated the pills as found objects. Memorabilia of the past; 3. Sleeping with Myself, a systematic investigation to understand how my particular condition during sleeping keeps me awake while my eyes still shut, and the brain can’t memorize. The traces that are visible, such as: the records of the sounds and the body movement, the story that has been told by several people who experiencing sleeping with me, and the feeling of sleeplessness that remain every day. This investigation presented as multiple-exposure photographs of body movements, sound of snoring, and single-channel video.

This project was presented in Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta – Indonesia (2014) curated by Mira Asriningtyas, and also presented as part of “Identity Crisis: Reflections on Public and Private Life in Contemporary Javanese Photography”, Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca – United States (2017) curated by Brian Arnold.