Dito Yuwono (b.1985) works as a visual artist-curator in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. Dito Yuwono’s work often address social issue, domestic space, and family values through the production of site-specific work, interventional project, video, photography, and audio-visual installation. Graduated from the Faculty of Social Science and Politics, Dito is interested in the narrative of how a space interwoven with politics, whether it is a domestic space or a public sphere.

In his practice, there are two types of works he uses as a form of storytelling using personal approach to subtly grasp the bigger picture of the socio-political environment. First, the type of works delivered using participatory method and subtly addressing the vulnerability of the people in the face of time and power. Within this category, Dito worked with different precarious group of people whose presence and means of living could be deemed illegal by the government as a result of land grabs and changes of policy. These narratives can be found in his series Secret Garden of Ledok Timoho (Kunci Cultural Study – Indonesia, 2014); Recollecting Memories: Tukang Foto Keliling (Kaliurang & Ruang Rupa – Indonesia, 2015); Wakare Karaoke (Jatiwangi Art Factory – Indonesia, 2016); and The Map Drawn from Memory (TIFA Working Studio – India, 2018).

Dito’s other type of works take its starting point from domestic space and family values: kinship, collectivity, and the domestic space itself. It investigates how family members become each other’s agency to transmit knowledge as well as personal traumas in relation to macro-politics.  At the same time, it explores the idea of micro-politics in a house, at a common room, and how different room serves different functions, shaped the function of the resident, and the power relation within the room between resident as well as other people. Some works within this category are The Memory of Unidentified Experience (KKF – Indonesia, 2014); Collective (im)Possibilities: The Politics of Too Many Dinner Parties (Project GOLEB & Het Wilde Weten – The Netherlands, 2016-2017); Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah/ The First Political Space Called Home (Cemeti Institute for Art and Society – Indonesia, 2017); and Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah #2/ The First Political Space Called Home #2 (Ruang MES56 – Indonesia, 2020).

In the past five years, Dito did numerous residencies as part of his artistic practice at institutions such as The Northern Territory Center for Contemporary Art – Australia; Ruangrupa – Jakarta; Jatiwangi Art Factory – Indonesia; GOLEB & Het Wilde Weten – The Netherlands; and TIFA Working Studios – India.  His work has been exhibited in Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art – United States, Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival 2017, Cemeti Institute for Art and Society – Indonesia, ISCP New York – United States, among others.

In 2011, he co-founded LIR—an art institution turns curator collective consisting of Mira Asriningtyas and Dito Yuwono. LIR’s program ranges from exhibition laboratories and research-based art projects to public programs, residencies, and alternative art education platforms. LIR’s projects are characterized by multidisciplinary collaboration and often performative exhibitions; fostering continuous transgenerational transmission of knowledge, memory, and history. LIR’s most recent projects including “Curated by LIR” exhibition series (KKF – Yogyakarta, 2018 – 2019); “Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations” (ISCP – New York, 2020); and “900mdpl” (Kaliurang – 2017, 2019, & 2021), a long-term site-specific project in Kaliurang, Indonesia—an aging resort village under an active volcano—with the aim of preserving collective memory of the space.